Sort Water Puzzle - Color Game‏

Sort Water Puzzle - Color Game‏

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Try to sort the watercolors into the glass tubes so that one glass only holds one type of color. Pour colored water from one tube to another tube to complete the level.

This colorful game seems easy yet challenging as well. The higher level you reach, the harder it gets since there are more tubes to arrange colors.

- Tap on one glass and pour water from that glass to antother glass
- You can only pour if the two tubes have the same color on top and have its own space to hold more water
- Keep pouring colored water among the glasses until each glass hold a watercolor
- Don& 39;t worry to get stuck, you can restart the level anytime

- Bright colorful tubes, one finger control
- Easy to play, hard enough to challenge your brain
- Calming and relaxing sound
- Multiple unique gameplays with different difficulty levels

Enjoy Sort Water Puzzle - Color Sorting Game now - pouring water never gets such exciting!

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