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تحميل النسخة v6.1.3 المحدثة بتاريخ 2017-07-29 بحجم 43M، هذا التطبيق من تطوير Jan Essig Educational Apps Silly Games ومتوافق مع هواتف Android 4.0 والأحدث.

على رائع ملعب الحيوان - 12 الألعاب الكلاسيكية الأساسية للأطفال الصغار والاطفال.If your kids are animal lovers and you’re looking for something both fun and educational, with tons of content and lots of replay value, then with 12 games in one app, the fabulous Animal Playground is for you.

The 12 games included in the fabulous Animal Playground are:
• ERASE - 12 fun scratch cards: Little ones who may not yet have the fine motor skills to draw or color can rub away the silver surface of each picture to discover what’s underneath!
• DRAW: Free-draw on the blank canvas or choose one of 27 different animal scenes to color-in. Toddlers can use the paint bucket to tap and fill-in different colors, while older kids can choose from 3 different brush sizes.

• PIANO: Fancy some music Free play on a keyboard with the notes supplied by cats, frogs, cows or fish!
• REMEMBER: Just like the classic ‘Simon Says’ game, animals sing notes and your child has to repeat them in the same order.

• FIND IT: See if you can spot all the differences in each of the 30 animal scenes.
• PAIRS: This version of the classic matching game starts easy but includes 110 cards!

• PUZZLE: 15 puzzles with 4 pieces each for the littlest ones and 60 additional puzzles with 8 pieces each for older kids.
• ROLL: A ‘tap and turn’ game for children who would find the slider puzzles too much of a challenge.
• SLIDER PUZZLE: With patience and persistence you CAN get the pieces in the right spot of 11 beautiful sliding puzzles!

• COLLECT: Help Mama fish through the 25 mazes to collect stars for her 5 little babies.
• CATCH: Like ‘whack-a-mole’ you have to tap the animals as they pop up - but make sure you get the right ones!
• COLORS: A fun, fishy, bubble flinging game.

The games in the fabulous Animal Playground are designed to engage children as young as two years old but increase in complexity and difficulty so that children up to the age of six will still find them a challenge. Perfect for siblings to play together or for kids to enjoy with their parents.

While playing all these games in addition to having fun your children are developing and reinforcing all kinds of skills, including:

• An understanding of object permanence
• Matching and discriminating
• Fine and visual motor
• Spatial and bilateral awareness
• Logic and problem solving
• Persistence
• Independent play

This app was developed by me together with my children, incorporating feedback from parents and educators. Examples of some of the positive comments I’ve received are:

“Forget about downloading multiple apps to ensure all your kid’s favorite games are on your iPad. Install one and be done with the fabulous Animal Playground” -

“A very high quality app that is great value for money. Your children will want to play with this for hours... Undoubtedly a 5 Star and EAS Recommended app.” -

And you don’t have to worry about your children playing independently with my apps because I take their privacy and online safety very seriously. My apps include:

• no ads
• no data collection or tracking
• no social media sharing
• no in-app purchases.

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eventالجديد في هذا الإصدار 6.1.3 :

- 10 new Pro Puzzles – now 60 Animal Puzzles with 8 Pieces
- 10 new Memo Cards – now 110 Handcrafted Animal Illustrations
- 8 new Animal Scenes – now 30 Spot-The-Difference-Illustrations
- 8 new Coloring Pages – now 27 Scenes + one blank Canvas
- 3 new Fun Scenes – now 12 Scratch Cards
- 3 new Toddler Puzzles – now 15 Puzzles with 4 Pieces
- 2 new Sliding Puzzles – now 11 Animal Scenes

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