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تطبيق 2player coop Zombie Shoot Premium تنزيل APK النسخة المجانية Free Download للاندرويد في تطبيقات أكشن ومغامرة.
تحميل النسخة v1.0.4 المحدثة بتاريخ 2019-07-24 بحجم 16M، هذا التطبيق من تطوير PlayTested Games ومتوافق مع هواتف Android 4.0 والأحدث.

2-player co-op zombie shoot premium version with NO ADS.This is the paid AD-FREE version of the 2 player co-op zombie shooting game. We will be making improvements to this version as purchases increase. Thanks for supporting us.

A 2-player co-op zombie shooting game designed from ground-up for two players. Both players will play on the same device and need a good amount of co-ordination and co-operation to succeed in this post-apocalyptic zombie shooting game. The control scheme is innovative and is thoroughly tested to work smoothly for two players on the same device.

It may still take 5-10 minutes to get adjusted with the acceleration of the on screen-joysticks. Once you have done that you are in for a treat. The game is difficult, but the waves are carefully crafted to give a challenging yet surpassable difficulty to the players. The zombie shooting experience becomes even better as this is made specially for double player.

There are mainly two types of weapons. One that spread out power across an area and the other that pack the maximum punch along the line you are shooting in. This opens the possibility for employing different strategies with your partner to see which combination of guns prove to be the best for your play, err... co-op style.

Co-op Only:
The game is an exclusive experience for two players playing co-operatively. Though you can still try controlling both the control-sticks by yourself as single player, the game is designed in a way that makes this highly difficult after the first couple of waves.

So, what are you waiting for. Play the game now!.

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